Juniors, Get Ready! (and Freshmen and Sophomores, for that matter!)

Oh, the wonderful smell of Spring!  You may notice a change in the High School Seniors that you know after Saturday, May 1st.  This is Decision Day!  Colleges require that students submit their acceptance or denial of admissions and scholarships offers by this date and, consequently, there is a perceptible weight lifted from the shoulders of many students who spent the last 6-12 months studying, writing, and working to set their futures on the most promising path possible.  So let your congratulations flow freely and, to all of you just beginning this multi-faceted college application process, prepare yourself! Most of you know that the process of studying for the SATs and ACTs, gathering information for your applications, and working through the scholarship and financial aid process is a bit like navigating a maze with a blindfold; however, have no fear - Hughes Tutoring is here!

This summer, Hughes Tutoring is offering a four-part workshop series on Navigating The College Preparation Process.  These sessions will cover everything from test prep to admissions essays to financial aid negotiations - all in an effort to ensure that you have the most successful and low stress Senior Year possible.  If you are a Sophomore or even a Freshman beginning the process now, kudos!  This affords you even more room for success and we would love to have you included in our workshop.

Space is limited and the workshops will begin mid-June, so please contact us at kelly@hughestutoring.com or 880-1616 for information and registration.  We also have a very small number of slots remaining for individual tutoring and consulting work this summer.  Don't sell yourself short - this is your future!

Happy Spring!