Many Remaining Scholarships for Graduating Seniors

Congratulations, High School Seniors! This weekend marked the date by which many of you had to choose your collegiate destination for fall 2010. Can you feel the change of weight on your shoulders? I hope so! It is time to pat yourself on the back for making it this far through the confusing process we like to call "College Admissions." This far, you ask? Well, many of you are still looking at your financial aid packages, utilizing the math skills your teachers guaranteed you needed for life (see!), and working with your parents to make it all add up. With application numbers higher than ever and a still-struggling economy, many packages were not quite commensurate with the hopes and expectations of college-bound seniors this year. If you did not receive part of the $1,000,000+ in scholarships offered to Hughes Tutoring graduating seniors this year, have no fear! There is good news, even beyond the perceptible change in weight upon your shoulders. The good news is two-fold. First, there are still, quite literally, hundreds of scholarships for which high school seniors are still eligible to apply, as of this post date. Many scholarship deadlines extend into June, July, and even the start of the school year. For example, the Discus Awards ( accepts applications until the end of June.

Good news part two: more and more scholarship programs today tend towards investing in students after their first or second year of college. Why? First, matriculation rates at college are never 100%; this means that scholarship investors always run the risk of spending money on a student who will not make it through school. Additionally, many field-specific scholarship programs like to give students a year or two to settle firmly into a major before funding their studies. For example, the Truman Scholarship Program, ( which offers very high value scholarships, is open only to college juniors.

Finally, if you are a freshman, sophomore, or Junior (or a parent of) - bravo to you! By investigating the scholarship process now, you keep the most possible doors open. Just be sure to filter carefully through your search results on sites such as Fastweb,, and Petersons - in order to keep these sites free, the necessary evil of ad-based 'scholarship' results can create extra work if you do not read the scholarship descriptions carefully. Start early, search often, and stay organized!

For information on scholarships or other aspects of college preparation and admissions, contact Hughes Tutoring ( We are here to help!