Tips To Make Your Essay Really SHINE!

The essay is such a crucial portion of your application, and can be considered the part of your application over which you have the most control.  

Your essay can definitely make or break your admission to a college.

So, here are a few things to remember when writing:

1. Your essays are about you! It may be hard for you to write about yourself, especially because most of the papers you write in high school don't allow you to use the word "I." The admissions committee wants to learn more about YOU, so go ahead, blow your horn!

2. Surprise your reader. The rest of your application shows the admissions committee all the activities you have been involved in, the community service you've done, your test scores, etc. Your essay is your opportunity to tell them something about yourself that they wouldn't guess from looking the other parts of your application. Be creative!

3. Don't try to write your essays to please the admissions committee. Many people think there is certain way they need to write college essays and they are incorrect! Like #1 says, your essays are about you! Definitely have other people look over your writing to give you suggestions, but remember to never lose your voice and your personality in your writing!