Your School Applications Are Done - Now What?!

A few school deadlines may still remain, but for the majority of you, your applications have been sent off. Congratulations! While you now have some more room to breathe, the college application process is not yet over. Here are some important things to stay on top of:

  • Scholarships, scholarships, scholarships! Now that your school applications are in, you have time to really focus on your scholarships. Hopefully you have already been working on them, but now you can dedicate a great deal more of your time and energy. Take a look at some of the links under our "Resources" page to see some great scholarship databases - they are a wonderful resource for national scholarships. Also, be sure to talk to your senior counselor about scholarships - they will know about local scholarships. Apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible for and have time for!
  • FAFSA. It is best to get this out of the way as soon as possible. Make sure to work with your parents on this - there will be a lot of tax information that they will have access to. You want to get this done in time to get an accurate financial aid package from the schools you are accepted to!
  • Stay active in school! You may think that because your school applications are in, you can ease back on schoolwork. Wrong! Most colleges require a mid-year report and also a final end of the year report with your grades on it. If you have slipped in school, your admission to a college may be at risk! They have the right to rescind their offer of acceptance to you - so make sure to stay involved in your schoolwork and your activities!
  • Be in touch re: interviews! Now is the time that schools will begin contacting you for interviews (some schools require interviews for admission). Be sure to check your e-mail and your phone daily for any messages from the admissions offices. Also, if you miss a phone call, be sure to call back as soon as possible! You do not want them to think you are irresponsible or uninterested!

Again, congratulations on the completion of your school applications! As long as you stay on task with the things mentioned above, the rest of your college application process should be smooth sailing!