How to sleep before the ACT I don't know about you, but I have a terrible time sleeping before a big test like the ACT, no matter how well-prepared I am. Will I get to the test site on time? Will I forget everything I ever learned once I get there? Did I forget to review something?? Telling myself to calm down works only to a point, and the worst part is, knowing how important sleep is to my performance on the test, I get further worked up thinking about how I'm never going to fall asleep.

After browsing the web for advice on sleeping the night before an important exam, this blog from yahoo voices was the most succinct and practical I could find. Follow these tips plus one extra, from me: go to bed at your usual time--not later, not earlier. Putting myself to bed at 9 o'clock almost guarantees I won't be sleepy for an hour or two, and in the meantime I'll lay awake and worry myself into restlessness.

Best of luck to all of you taking the ACT this Tuesday, and as my best friend likes to say: "You got this!"