Beware of Facebook!

There is a new piece of the college application package that students a few years ago did not have to worry about - Facebook. Although you are not submitting your Facebook page to colleges, chances are very high that they will take a look at how you present yourself in the world of social media. College admissions officers often create fake Facebook accounts to access your information. They know far too well that if you have something on your Facebook to hide, you will never accept a friend request from the real them. So, they create a fake identity in order to get an inside scoop on the real you! They don’t spend too much time looking through all your posts and your pictures to find something “inappropriate” but it is a good idea to go through your Facebook and filter out potentially condemning things. Here are a few things you want to make sure your page does NOT have:

#1. Picture of you doing anything illegal. Remember, that includes holding a beer in your hand! It is amazing how many underage students have pictures of them drinking.

#2. Post or words talking about you doing anything illegal. Words can get you in trouble too!

#3. Excessive swear words. Swearing is becoming somewhat common, but you don’t want your Facebook page to be littered with too much profanity.

#4. Writing inappropriate things. Defaming people or institutions is a big one - you do not want them to see you writing about hating certain people and places.

There are many more actions on Facebook you want to be careful not to partake in. It is not necessary to have your Facebook profile be a fake one to please potential college-admission-officer-“hacks”, but you do want to keep the thought in the back of your mind when posting that these colleges could potentially see your post and it could affect your future. It is also important to note that these rules apply to Twitter, a blog if you have one, really anything involving social media and the internet.

It is best to remember that when in doubt, err on the safe side.