I’m sure you have heard many horror stories, witnessed many meltdowns, and found yourself oh-so-thankful that you are not yet a senior. Senior year can be extremely stressful - there is so much to do that is so crucial to your future, and often students find themselves in over their heads. So how do you keep this from happening to you?

You begin preparing for next year right NOW! There are things you can do today, this week, this month to make next year much less stressful. We will be adding a new to-do list every month, so be sure to stay tuned!

Here is the late February/March list for you to get started on!

  1. Begin a college list. It is extremely beneficial to get an idea of what colleges you may apply to early on. That way, you have time to see what applying to their school really requires. You don’t want to pick another school to apply to December of senior year, only to find out the deadline is in 2 weeks and that it requires 6 essays that you have no idea how to write. You don’t need to have a final list right now - just start gathering a rough list of schools you’ve heard good things about, schools you’re interested in, etc. Be sure to leave your options open, and make your list a long one!
  2. Visit campuses if you can. March means spring break for a lot of students. If you have a few schools that you are interested in that are in the same area, plan a trip to visit them over spring break. Trust us - visiting and learning about a college is a much better way to spend your spring break than partying on some beach - your future “you” will thank you!
  3. Take the spring ACT and SAT. We cannot encourage you enough to take the “real” SAT and ACT (by “real” we mean official and graded) one time your junior year. Your summer will be a very productive one if you know exactly what areas of those tests you need to focus your attention on. The initial registration deadline for the March 8 SAT has already passed, but you can still register (by paying a small fee). The deadline to register for the April 12 ACT isn’t for a few weeks, so be sure to sign up for that.

That is not a very long to-do list, and it is amazing how much doing these 3 things will help you out next year. So get started today!