In case you guys haven't already heard, College Board announced this week that they are making some HUGE changes to the SAT. These changes won't be seen by test-takers until 2016, so sophomores and juniors need not worry about preparing for a new test.

However, freshman and younger students will have a very different SAT experience than older peers. Here are the changes to the SAT that have been revealed:


#1. NO MORE REQUIRED TIMED ESSAY. The essay will now be optional, and students who choose to take the test with the essay will get 50 minutes to do so.

#2. BACK TO 1600-POINT SCORE SCALE. Because the essay is now optional, the test will go back to its original 1600-point structure.

#3. NO MORE OF THE INFAMOUS SAT VOCABULARY WORDS. Vocabulary words on the test will focus more on words taught in school and used in college and work. The sentence completion questions will no longer be on the test.

#4. NO 1/4-POINT DEDUCTION FOR WRONG ANSWERS. Similar to the ACT, the SAT will no longer dock students points for answering a question wrong. In other words, guess away!

#5. NO CALCULATOR MATH SECTION. There will be a portion of the math test that will not allow the use of a calculator.

#6. "CRITICAL READING" SECTION WILL NOW BE "EVIDENCE-BASED READING AND WRITING." Focus on analysis of passages will be strengthened and passages of a variety of subjects will be seen.


It is likely that College Board will continue to announce more details about changes to the test as we get closer to the 2016 revealing of the new SAT. How do you feel about these changes to the SAT?