It’s the beginning of April and that means a new checklist of things to be working on this month to ease your stresses of next year. Here is what you have in store for April:


#1. Complete college list. Have a solid idea of schools that you are interested in applying to. This will not be your final, short list, but rather a longer list of schools that interest you in any way so that you can spend your summer researching these schools more in-depth.


#2. Keep your grades up. It is very important to maintain your grades as you are nearing the end of this year. Don’t let the idea of summer take you away from your studies!


#3. Take the spring ACT and SAT. Make sure you are signed up to take the standardized tests this spring to get your first round of practice in. That way, you can see what you need to work on over the summer to ensure solid test scores in the fall.