What if a college looks at your social media? Tips for breathing easy


A recent study by Kaplan notes that over 35% of college admissions officers admit looking at applicants social media profiles.  Here are some tips to ensure you present your best self.

  1. Reputation test? You are building a reputation by what you post online. Ask yourself, “What kind of reputation does this create?” If it is the reputation you want, then post away.  When an admissions officer does see it, you have added to your story.  If the word “awkward” crosses your mind when you imagine your grandma asking about it, leave it out.
  2. Look at the entire picture. If someone else is doing something inappropriate in the picture, don’t post it, no matter how great you look.
  3. Once is forever. A picture published on Instagram or Facebook is still there, even if you “untag” yourself. Ask your friends and family to be careful of what they post about you.
  4. Sharing is caring. If you care about an issue or cause, social media is a great way to spread the word and show your passion.  Be wary of sharing memes or videos with questionable content.
  5. When in doubt, leave it out. Even if an admissions officer does not see it, your online image will matter far beyond college. Potential employers will be impressed by your professional approach.