Are we on the verge of a college admissions revolution?


A recent New York Times editorial describes a new report “Turning the Tide,” released by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, which "sagely reflects on what’s wrong with admissions and rightly calls for a revolution, including specific suggestions. It could make a real difference not just because it has widespread backing but also because it nails the way in which society in general — and children in particular — are badly served by the status quo." A few key points about the report:

  • It "recommends less emphasis on standardized test scores, which largely correlate with family income."
  • Suggestions include alterations which "would simultaneously level the playing field for kids applying to college from less advantaged backgrounds."
  • It discourages resume padding and instead emphasizes comprehensive community-service projects, essays, and gives weight to work experience.
  • It includes recommendations for diversifying college student bodies by making comprehensive changes to the admissions process

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