5 Myths About College Applications


Myth #1:

Early Action locks you in.

There is a MAJOR difference between Early Action and Early Decision deadlines. Early Action applications require you to submit your application early (sometimes for better financial aid and Honors chances) and shows colleges you're really interested. If you are accepted, you still can choose between that school and any others to which you are admitted. Early Decision applications can similarly demonstrate a student's interest in attending. HOWEVER, an ED application is a commitment to attend that college if you get in. If a student has a very clear first choice school and financial aid is not a significant consideration, Early Decision can be a good option. Otherwise, we recommend students apply through Early Action or Regular Decision processes.

Myth #2:

You only need to write one “Common App” essay.

Most colleges require supplemental essays in addition to the "main" essay that will go out to your schools. As you're researching schools, it's a great idea to make a list of reasons/programs that made you want to apply there in the first place-- then you can return to that list later when you're writing a school-specific essay.

Myth #3:

 Application season ends with the submission of the Common App.

There are still many schools that require separate applications for Honors Colleges, scholarships, and other programs. You’re close, but it’s not over yet!

Myth #2:

A great GPA and ACT/SAT score will get you in.

Colleges are changing their admission priorities. Solid numbers are great and, in most cases, still necessary, but your leadership and service experiences matter just as much, and sometimes more. Colleges like a three-dimensional picture of who they are considering for admission, and these experiences and projects help to add that third dimension.

Myth #1:

College application season is INSANELY stressful.

Planning ahead will help minimize stress - begin working on the application pieces the during the summer, if possible. For many Seniors, college apps dominate conversations with friends and teachers, in addition to consuming significant time and energy between classes and extra-curricular activities. Don't lose sight of your authentic goals and priorities in the whirlwind of activity and stress of your peers.

Still feeling nervous? A Hughes College Prep Advisor assisting you throughout the process is a surefire way to reduce stress. Your Hughes Advisor will keep you organized, on track, and way ahead of the game. Contact us today to reserve a one-on-one spot with one of our advisors: contact@hughescollegeprep.com.