How Will Technology Factor Into Your College Decisions?


A new article published in The Week explores how technology can influence your campus tours, innovative applications, and connections to a university on social media.  

A few cool takeaways:

  • Experience a campus in virtual reality? "Not all students can go on a college tour, and those who do are likely to miss scores of campuses that would be a great fit. That's why many colleges are offering virtual tours, with varying degrees of sophistication." Sounds like your Oculus Rift might come in handy...
  • Look up your new college friends! " platforms work like Facebook, with profiles, friend connections, and message boards where students can find peers who are from their town, pursuing their same major or activities, or have other common interests.
  • Starting early? Here's a way to organize: The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success "...aims to improve and streamline the college application process for all students. Among its offerings will be virtual college lockers: free, online spaces that high schoolers can start using in ninth grade."


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