Wait listed? What happens next?


A recent article in Time described the best options to take (or not take) when you're wait listed by your dream school. Their recommendations?

  • Figure out a plan B: "No matter how confident you feel that you’ll be admitted off the wait list, you should submit a deposit to another school to ensure that you have a spot somewhere in the fall. Most colleges require a deposit by May 1."
  • Show continued interest-- but not too much. "Kent Rinehart, dean of undergraduate admissions at Marist, says reaching out every two or three weeks to update the admissions staff and ask about the status of the wait list is fine. But don’t call every other day. Also avoid more elaborate ploys, such as sending baked goods or gifts to the admissions staff."
  • Each school's wait list protocol is different. "Be sure to heed any directions the college gives with its wait list notification. Some will ask for specific follow-up information, such as additional recommendation letters."

Some key questions to ask your admissions counselor:

  • "Are students admitted off the wait list eligible for the same financial aid as other students?
  • Have students admitted off the wait list in the past received grants or scholarships from the college?
  • When do students admitted off the wait list learn about their financial aid package?"

Read the full article here.

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