7 Study Apps to Help You Succeed


An article on mashable.com breaks down 25 apps that can help college students with their courses. Plenty of them are useful for high schoolers too. We’ve hand picked a few, from there and other sources, that can make your life easier:  



This citation generator can help format your MLA or APA style bibliography.


Dictionary.com mobile


Both Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com are condensed into one app for easy searching and word choice options.


Dragon Dictation


Having a really hard time getting that first draft of your English essay down? Try dictating it instead. We’ve found that recording your thoughts ahead of time and then organizing them can help get past that initial writer's block.




Interactive grammar quizzes that can help with ACT and SAT English skills.




Lots of teachers already use the online version of quizlet. Adding it to your phone can help you study for Wildlife Biology or US History while you’re riding the bus or before you go to bed.


RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Forget your calculator at school? RealCalc gives your smart phone a scientific calculator face and helps you solve those problems the iphone or android calculator just can’t handle.


Self Control


Spending too much time on Youtube, Reddit or Tumblr? There’s an app for that. “SelfControl lets you set a period of time to block certain websites or mail servers by adding them to a "blacklist." It's too bad if you finish your work early — restarting your computer or deleting the application won't negate the timer.”


See mashable’s full list here.