Your Post-Decision Agenda


  So you’ve chosen your school! What happens next? We have some suggestions to help mitigate your anxiety about what to do now that you’re committed to a college. Once you’re accepted, here are some key things to find out and do.


  • Sign up for housing and pay your housing deposit. If you get the opportunity to visit, you can give your preference based on first-hand experience. If not, choose housing that fits your needs, and ask current students what they recommend.


  • Fill out your roommate survey wisely. If you’re neat, be honest. If you’re not, be honest too! Stating your preferences clearly will help provide a fun and comfortable living situation in the fall.


  • Find out when your New Student Orientation is. New Student Orientation is a time to meet your future classmates, learn about college services and get to know your campus. Larger universities host several, sometimes based on last name or major, so research on the college website or ask your admissions counselor to make sure you make it.


  • Read the course catalog and make a list of classes you want to take. You can usually do this online by the end of August, when the new courses should be updated. Find courses that are in line with the potential major you’re considering. Check to see if your college accepts IB, AP or other college credit so you don’t end up in a required class you could replace later.


  • Ask when your college’s club fair is, and make a list of activities you might want to try. College is a great time to branch out of your comfort zone. Want to try fencing or rugby? Interested in politics or activism? Attending different clubs early in the semester is a great way to make friends and to learn about your campus.


  • Breathe a sigh of relief. You did it! You have a new place to explore in the fall and new people to meet. Relax and enjoy the exciting things to come.



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