How to Apply to College as an Introvert


  NBC News interviewed deans and admissions counselors at top universities this week for tips on how introverted students can best showcase their talents in college admissions.

According to Seth Allen, Pomona College’s dean of admissions, “‘Being introspective can be particularly useful when it comes to the college essay...Introverted applicants can showcase their deep or divergent thinking through the essays.”

Hughes College Prep can help introverts and extroverts alike harness their personality in their college essays, and figure out how to best express what might not come through in their resume or activities list.

Other admissions officials offered advice on how to navigate college fairs and interviews, which might be stressful to shyer students. They recommend that you meet with your admissions officer one-on-one in person or over Skype, if possible, and bring along a list of questions or resume, which can be helpful safety nets if you get nervous about what to say or ask.

When visiting schools, sitting in on courses and joining tours might be easier than meeting with current students or professors individually, but both are fruitful. College will be a time to expand socially no matter what, so you should take the opportunity to get outside your comfort zone.

Letters of recommendation might help the introverts of the world too. Sara Harberson, founder of Admissions Revolution, recommended that “students seek out the teachers who 'get them” and can write to their strengths in the classroom and out of it, that might not be as obvious.”

Other tips that we have for you, introverted or not? Try to apply to the kinds of schools that will be the right social fit (this might be determined by size, region or community-feel -- is a great resource to mine for the student perspective on social fit), but know that you’ll discover your niche wherever you end up. Keep in mind that spending time on your essays, applications, and test prep might be a strain on your summer and fall, but will pay off later. Read the full article here. Check out our post from last week on helping introverts thrive in school. Or contact us to get started on helping your college applications express the real you.