Migrating Out of State for College? You’re Not Alone

A New York Times article examined how many students are leaving their home states to attend public universities in other states. The migration patterns often show where students go to get cheaper tuition, a different education or just to experience another part of the country.

The article describes how “Students have long traveled across state lines to go to selective private colleges. But at public colleges, which have historically served local residents, the number of out-of-state freshmen has nearly doubled since 1986, according to data from the Department of Education.”

As more and more students attend public universities outside their home states, the institutions have begun to rely on those increased tuition fees for out-of-state students and factored them into budgets. Public universities facing budget cuts have raised tuition for their in-state students too, which means some states like “Illinois and Minnesota...export far more students than they import from other states. As a result, it can be cheaper for a Minnesota student to go to North Dakota State University, which attracts students with discounted tuition, than the University of Minnesota.”


You can see more full migration maps here and see where students from your state are going.


Julia Ohman