Five Benefits of Taking a Gap Year

This is the first post in our two-part gap year series.

Considering taking a year off between high school and college? A gap year can be a valuable experience, allowing students to pursue interests, expand skills, and explore the world. Taking a gap year can provide a much-needed break from a rigorous schedule filled with AP classes, sports, test prep, leadership projects, and other extracurriculars. Time off allows students to recharge and reflect on their goals and aspirations before entering college.

Parents and students may fear that a gap year will have detrimental effects on college admission. The reality is, schools view and deal with gap years in various ways and some even encourage it. According to Randye Hoder at TIME, “A handful of colleges--Princeton and the University of North Carolina, among them--offer scholarships and fellowships to incoming freshman who take a gap year.” Additionally, many schools allow students to defer their enrollment during the gap year, ensuring that students can smoothly transition back into school the following year.

A gap year can be a constructive time for students to find out who they really are and what they really want for their future.

Here are five benefits of taking a gap year:

  1. A gap year allows students the time to focus on a passion or pursue an interest.

  2. A gap year gives students more time to consider where they want to attend college and what they want to study.

  3. A gap year permits time for students to travel abroad and become introduced to other cultures, languages, and traditions.

  4. A gap year provides the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a career field of interest.

  5. A gap year offers students time to mature and prepare for the important next step of starting college life.  

Do you have questions about gap years? Contact Hughes College Prep to discuss options and ideas. The next post in our series will feature information on how to make the most of your gap year.

Chenoa Harrington