Selecting a College: How Do You Decide?

Now that students have received college acceptance notifications, decision time is quickly approaching. Students must weigh several factors when making their final choice by May 1st. Last week, U.S. News and The College Board collaborated to present a Facebook Live video on the topic of choosing a college.

According to Andrew Elwell, director of student communications at The College Board, the main factors to consider when making a college decision are the following:

  • Cost

  • Academics

  • Campus life

  • Overall fit

The College Board has resources for evaluating financial aid award letters on the Big Future portion of their website. In terms of academics, Elwell suggests considering class sizes and the number of available majors for any students who are undecided majors. Evaluating suburban versus rural campus locations and campus size are also important when making your final decision.

You can watch the full video here. Do you have questions about how to select a college? Contact Hughes College Prep to discuss your options and the decision making process.

Chenoa Harrington