Preparing for AP Exams

The Advanced Placement exams are just a few weeks away. From May 1-12, 2017, the full range of AP exams will be offered. While many students have been diligently focused on ACT and SAT studying, it’s also important to squeeze in time for AP preparation. Here are a few AP exam preparation tips:

  • Know exam dates and times. To find a full calendar, go to the AP Student College Board website. You can find a detailed calendar here.

  • Familiarize yourself with the test format. Each exam is unique, so it’s important to know what to expect on test day. Review the exam formats on the College Board website. For instance, you can expect a 3 hour and 15 minute AP English exam with two sections, multiple choice and free response. You can review the AP English exam format in detail here.

  • Complete practice questions. Just like ACT and SAT prep, it’s useful to study with sample questions. Be sure to score your practice questions and study the answer explanations. Review both the correct and incorrect answers to maximize your studying. You can find links to practice questions here on the College Board website.

  • Attend school-led study sessions. Your teachers have been working hard in your AP courses to prepare you for the exams. Make effective use of time in class and out of class for studying. Knowledgeable, experienced AP teachers are valuable resources.

  • Practice self-care. Make sure to rest and eat well leading up to the exam. Avoid late night cramming sessions by studying in shorter amounts of time leading up to the exam. Make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before. Eat a hearty breakfast the morning of, and take healthy snacks with you to refuel during breaks.

  • Understand how colleges deal with AP scores. Each college handles AP exam scores differently. You may receive college credit for high scores on the exams. It’s good to know whether you’ll be able to advance beyond introductory college courses or receive elective credits. How a college deals with your scores could potentially be a deciding factor in your final selection of a college.

  • Be confident! Go into the test with a positive attitude and give yourself a pat on the back after you finish.

Do you have questions about AP exams? Contact Hughes College Prep to discuss preparation and scores.


Chenoa Harrington