After the College Decision Deadline: Next Steps

Once you’ve been accepted to a college, the next step is notifying schools of your decision by May 1, the National Candidates Reply Date. After you inform colleges of your decision, what’s next? Here are a few steps to take after you’ve made your final decision and notified the college you’ll be attending:

  • Submit your nonrefundable deposit. Make sure you only make a deposit at one school. Double-depositing may lead to both schools rescinding your admission.

  • Get to know your college by attending an admitted-students day. Consider connecting with other admitted students to get a sense of who will be part of your freshman class.

  • Thank all of the individuals who were part of your application process. Inform and thank anyone who helped along the way, for example, a teacher who helped with your application essays or a school counselor who provided a letter of recommendation.

  • Maintain focus for the remaining school year. Don’t give in to “senioritis.” It’s important to perform well in your classes and sustain your current GPA. If your grades plummet or your attendance drops significantly, colleges may reconsider your admission.

  • Plan ahead for your freshman year. Make sure to meet any deadlines for the fall semester. Research the dorms and know when you need to register for a freshman orientation. Make a list of all the supplies you’ll need for the fall. Being organized now will help with a smooth transition to college life.

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Chenoa Harrington