Comprehensive College Admissions Support

Your student is one-of-a-kind. Get them one-of-a-kind admissions advising.

We offer a proven and unique comprehensive one-on-one college preparation service that guides students and their families through all phases of this often overwhelming process. Our process involves the following components, each customized to meet your student’s needs and ensure that they present an authentic application to the college of their dreams:

02. Standardized Test Preparation

Because our services are one-on-one, your experienced Hughes College Prep advisor will not only provide essential skills and strategies for maximizing ACT, SAT, and Subject Test scores, they will chart a plan for test preparation that matches your student’s specific areas of strength and areas with room for improvement.

01. College Matching

Hughes College Prep builds an individually-tailored initial list of school options based on academic, financial, field-of-interest, extracurricular, and other parameters identified by gathering very specific information from both the parent and the student.


04. Writing Coaching

Your student’s personal admissions advisor will help identify potential topics and will support the student in developing the skills necessary to construct strong writing pieces that are authentic to the student’s experiences and illustrative of their personality and potential as a college student.

03. Leadership and Resume Development

Increasingly, admissions and scholarship committees are seeking students with hands-on, real-world learning experiences, preferably rooted in some form of leadership. Hughes College Prep helps your student identify their own authentic leadership style and fields of interest; then, by pairing the two, your advisor will help your student brainstorm and launch an experience that will facilitate the investigation of these interests and the further development of their leadership skills.

06. Academic Support

No matter what type of post-secondary education a student pursues, academic success in High School is always an asset.  We work to support students in not only building a strong academic record, but also in maximizing the learning opportunities available inside and outside their classrooms.

05. Application Advising and Organization

Through detailed checklists, an extensive understanding of admissions nuances, hands-on editing advice for written application components, and interview preparation, we work to make this increasingly-complex application experience manageable and successful while helping your student glean skills from the process that they will apply in college and beyond.

08. Transition to College Support

After gaining admission and choosing a school, we are able to assist in preparing for their transition to college by helping them to understand their chosen school’s general education requirements, plotting a 4-year graduation plan and, in some cases, helping them navigate options such as a gap year.

07. Scholarship and Financial Aid Guidance

We will identify school-specific and third-party scholarships relevant to your student, support them in submitting scholarship applications, and help your family decipher the financial aid packages when they arrive. In the 2015-16 application cycle, our senior clients were offered more than $11M in scholarships.