Services We Offer


Comprehensive college admissions support

Your student is one-of-a-kind. Get them one-one-a-kind admissions advising. We offer a proven and entirely unique comprehensive one-on-one college preparation service that guides students and their families through all phases of this often overwhelming process.


Graduate School admissions 

With the increasing premium on education beyond a bachelors degree, we at Hughes College Prep are prepared to help you make the transition to the next level in your education and life.  From GRE and LSAT preparation to resume and application essay review, we are here to help you put your best foot forward as you apply for competitive graduate education programs across the country.


High School Planning

Entering High School doesn’t need to be scary! Hughes works with individual students to map out goals and a trajectory that are both authentic and balanced for that student.


undergraduate academic support

After such effort to gain admission into college, we believe that making the most of a college experience is the next step in an ongoing journey to academic excellence and success. Whether a particular student’s needs involve testing strategies, four-year planning, writing skill building, or all of the above, we work to help students make the most of their college education.


college & scholarship Essay consulting Services

At Hughes, we believe strongly in supporting each student’s ability to tell their own story in the most authentic manner so that admissions officers and scholarship committees can get to know the 3-D student, not just numbers on a page.

Tutoring & Mentoring for k-12 Students

Let Hughes Tutoring stir your child’s passion for learning while instilling knowledge, study skills, and leadership ability. In addition to our College Preparation Program, Hughes Tutoring offers academic and organizational skill support for students of all ages.