“Our experience with Hughes College Prep, in particular Chenoa, was exceptional. She guided our daughter thru the brand new emotional territory of choosing a college. Our financial situation as well as the environment we desired for our daughter were considered carefully. They were supportive, realistic, hopeful and professional. We appreciate them very much.”

– Jen, Parent

“Using Kelly and Hughes College Prep was one of the best decisions we made in our daughter’s high school career.”


“Hughes College Prep helps students meet deadlines, prepare for standardized tests, create their resume, select the right college option from the hundreds of possibilities and find financial awards and scholarships.  The services provided are absolutely essential to students.”


“Before we transition from Lucy to her sister, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again, so much, for all you've done for her - and me - during the very stressful college admissions process.  You not only helped get her into her top choice (Princeton, no less!) school, but you kept us organized and sane throughout.  It gave me such peace of mind to know she was working with you, and she often told me she always felt better after meeting with you, no matter how much else she had to do.  We are all so grateful for your help!”

- Julie, Parent 

"You have been an invaluable part of this process for her, and for us!  I want to say thank you for your excellent work with her in this process.  I feel like you went beyond what is expected and always reached out, provided sound guidance, and assisted in the process of this whole 'messy' college application and scholarship journey!" 

- Katherine, parent

“Hughes College Prep does a phenomenal job of connecting with their students, as they use their vast knowledge of the college admissions process to match students with their best fit.  Without Kelly as my college coach, I would have never been aware of the crucial details needed in order to be accepted at the college of my dreams.  I am so glad that Hughes College Prep is available to all students, no matter what their parents’ income might be.”

– Caitlin, Student

“Hughes College Prep helps you recognize what your strengths are and helps you develop them to a certain degree but more importantly gives you the confidence to recognize that they are indeed your strengths. Hughes College Prep gave me the tools, motivation and skills to apply confidently to excellent schools and have a good chance at getting in.”

-William, Student


“Shepherding our first child through the college application process was at times overwhelming. There are so many moving parts. Go in-state? Out of state? Small college? Large university? There is the cost. Who has saved adequately for this enormous four-year expense? Our son is not an academic valedictorian. What are his options? Thankfully, Hughes College Prep was an amazing resource to get us through this process. The team of educators at Hughes College Prep helped match our son’s talents and interests with appropriate schools. They helped us find colleges with good scholarships and financial aid. They helped him prepare for the standardized tests. They helped edit his essays. They kept him motivated and on schedule. Most importantly, Hughes gave our son the confidence to jump into the college application process with both feet. Senior year and the college application process can be stressful. Having Hughes College Prep help us navigate made all the difference for success.”

– Coco and Will, Parents

“Give yourself and your college-bound daughter or son the gift of Hughes College Prep. They will take the anxiety and guess work out of the process of college search, application, and test preparation. Their knowledge will help your child feel confident about their tasks and be able to manage their own timeline without reminders from you. Hughes has made this potentially stressful time manageable and exciting for our family. They can do the same for yours.”

– Toni, Parent

“I can’t say how much I appreciate your efforts in making this a positive experience for our daughter. Please remember our family if ever there is a need for a recommendation. The change in her confidence and personal goal setting have been remarkable. I always knew there was a special young women inside her, but the last months we have witnessed tremendous growth. Thank you for everything, and best wishes for continued successes.”

– Lisa, Parent and Principal


“Working with Hughes College Prep has been a truly helpful and enlightening experience.  Their aid has given me the opportunity to have the future I have always dreamed of.”

– Morgan, Student

“Hughes group - Sam and I just wanted to touch base and let you know how much we appreciated all the work you did with us and the considerations your made for our family to make working with you doable.  You have, again, been outstanding and easy to work with and helped us wade through the process in what is an unnerving time for the kids to say the least.  Sam is off to Montana Tech with Max and sure to do great things in the future.”

—Lisa, parent