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David, University of Oregon, Class of 2020

What were your goals for college admission? Did you accomplish them?

My overall goal for college admission was to find the school that fitted my academic needs desire for personal growth. I believe that I have found that school in the University of Oregon. Going to a school that is out-of-state has provided me with the opportunity to meet new people and grow out of my comfort zone in ways that I would not have experienced going to school in Missoula.

What was most helpful about working with Hughes College Prep?

The thing that sticks out the most when looking back at my experience at Hughes College Prep, is their tools/resources when it comes to ACT, PSAT and college resource prep.  Throughout the entire application process for college, they always had the answers you were looking for. This allowed me to be confident in my decision-making about college.

Were you accepted to one of your top three school choices?

My top three colleges were University of Oregon, Westminster College in SLC, and Cal Poly SLO and I was accepted into all three of them.

Did you feel supported by Hughes College Prep during the admission process? If so, how?

I felt tremendous support from all of Hughes College Prep during my time within the program because of the extra support outside the one-hour meeting time a week. They really focused their efforts on trying to improve my writing skills along with helping me with the application process for college. They always had time to answer my parents' questions (and mine) about schools, tests and everything else.

What surprised you most about working with Hughes College Prep?

The amount of time they were willing to commit to me outside the normal meeting times was outstanding; they've always strived to go the extra mile for their students.

What is one bit of advice you would give to parents of college-bound students? 

The best advice I would give to the parents of the college-bound students is that we really do appreciate everything you are doing for our future. I know that we sometimes don’t show it, especially with our lack of excitement studying for the standardized tests, but we know you only want the best for us.

What is one bit of advice you would give to the students themselves?

Enjoy high school as much as you can because you will miss those short four years!