Logan, Northrop Grumman Supply Chain Planning Analyst

What were your goals for college admission? Did you accomplish them?

My main goal for college admission was to find a school that would be an excellent fit and allow me to pursue my dreams, but also limit the financial burden many face in college. While I had done a large amount of foundational footwork in school, Hughes played a major role in guiding me along the college admission process and improving some of the key areas that colleges look at the most. I most certainly accomplished all of my goals.

What was most helpful about working with Hughes College Prep?

Hughes College Prep was extremely helpful throughout the entire college application process. While I was a 4.0 student in high school, I still lacked confidence in standardized test taking and essay writing. Hughes College Prep helped me gain the confidence I needed to bring my test scores and essays to the next level! Additionally, the assistance with navigating the intimidating and sometimes confusing application process allowed me to focus my energy on building the strongest applications possible.

What was the biggest surprise, good or bad, about the admissions process in general?

The biggest surprise for me was getting accepted into every school I applied to, including my top choice!

Were you accepted to one of your top three school choices? (undergrad or grad school)

Yes, I was accepted at all of my top choice schools!

Did you feel supported by Hughes College Prep during the admission process? If so, how?

I was supported throughout the entire application and admission process. I began Hughes College Prep unsure of what I wanted to study and exactly what I wanted out of my college experience. I knew I wanted to attend a school outside of Montana, but I had no idea of how to narrow down what might be the best fit for me. Hughes helped walk me through the entire process from start to finish. Kelly asked the hard questions that allowed me to begin creating a vision for what I wanted, which was also a critical component of building applications.

What surprised you most about working with Hughes College Prep?

I was most surprised by the sheer experience and passion offered by the Hughes team. Kelly and her team had so much specialized experience and knowledge about particular schools, applications, and scholarships that surprised me throughout the process. Additionally, Hughes was truly, deeply passionate about, and personally invested in, helping me succeed.

Are there any aspects of your time with Hughes that stick out as having carried through to other elements of your life, beyond college admissions, such as college, jobs, etc.? 

After reflecting on my experience, I believe many of my most valuable habits and skills were cultivated during my time with Hughes. Time management, preparation, goal-setting, attention to detail, and the ability to articulate and communicate my thoughts and experiences in a meaningful way were all important skills Hughes helped to develop. Each of these has carried through into life in college and professional experiences.

How soon after graduating college were you employed?

I actually signed a full-time job offer prior to graduating college! After completing an incredible summer internship with the aerospace and defense contractor, Northrop Grumman, I was offered a position as a Supply Chain Planning Analyst during the first month of my senior year of college. I’ll be moving to Dallas, Texas after graduation to begin my professional career.

What is one bit of advice you would give to parents of college-bound students? 

There’s no doubt the thought of college and the application process can be extremely overwhelming for parents for a number of reasons. It’s been fun to talk with my parents and reflect back on working with Hughes four years ago and how large of an impact their assistance truly made on my college experience. Not only was I able to find a school that was a perfect fit, but I accomplished my goal of being admitted and receiving a scholarship! Working with Hughes not only helped make the college application process less stressful but also paid massive dividends I am still receiving today!

What is one bit of advice you would give to the students themselves?

Don’t underestimate yourself. While I was high-achieving in high school, I still didn’t quite feel like I had it all together in order to have a highly competitive college application. My test scores were lacking and I found myself overwhelmed with the whole process. Hughes not only helped me improve areas like test taking and essay writing but also helped change my mindset of what I was capable of. If it hadn’t of been for Hughes I’m afraid I may have settled for far less! The best part was that after I was accepted at my top choice school and program, the momentum and mindset carried on into college.