Tony, Carroll College, Class of 2019

What were your goals for college admission? Did you accomplish them?

My goal was to get accepted to my top 3 schools by the fall before my senior year. This was a goal of mine so I could focus on football and deciding which school was the best fit for me to play at. I accomplished this goal and was signed to play at the school of my choice right after winter break.

What was most helpful about working with Hughes College Prep?

The most helpful about working with Hughes College Prep was writing the college essays. I personally feel like my college essay helped me get more scholarship money.

What was the biggest surprise, good or bad, about the admissions process in general?

My biggest surprise was that amount of work that goes into the admission process. During my junior year I underestimated the amount of work and planned on putting it off till my senior year. The first time I attended Hughes Tutoring, was the first time I realized that I underestimated the workload and that I needed to get a started on the applications. Elizabeth and I came up with a plan and got started on the applications right away.

Did you feel supported by Hughes College Prep during the admission process? If so, how?

Yes, I always felt supported by Hughes Tutoring. After the admission process was over, Hughes tutoring helped me get recruited by the schools I wanted to attend. I worked closely with Elizabeth crafting letters and staying in contact with these schools.

are there any aspects of your time with hughes that stick out as having carried through to other elements of your life, beyond college admissions, such as college, jobs, etc.?

Staying on top of your work and coming up with a plan. I come up with plans in my daily life for things I need to accomplish for the day and week. This helps me stay on top of my work. This is something that I started to do working with Hughes Tutoring.

What is one bit of advice you would give to parents of college-bound students? 

Support your kid, but let them make the decision themselves. Don’t force them to go to a school that you want them to go too. Your kid will probably transfer. My parents stayed out of the process and when I made my decision, they were happy for me.

What is one bit of advice you would give to the students themselves?

It never too early to start looking at colleges. Your time in high school is limited and before you know it, you will be graduating.